Roberts’ Crew is Welcomed by a Crashed Transport Plane…

It is very difficult to observe walruses: the arctic climate is the first deterrent.

The Australian walrus specialist, Jason Roberts has been living in the far-flung polar archipelago of Spitzbergen (a Norwegian territory) for many years and has been studying walruses and their family hierarchy up close.

He takes us on an expedition to the 80th latitude where we will observe walruses as they feed underwater as it has never been filmed before. We will follow these heavyweights under the ice and will be confronted with one of the rarest sharks – the Greenland shark.

We also get to visit the rarely-viewed Franz Josef Land, another Polar archipelago to the northeast that’s part of Russian territory. Only scientists are allowed and the mostly-abandoned camp speaks to lack of financing. Roberts’ crew is welcomed by a crashed transport plane to join French and Russian scientists, who improvise with the local ruins to make for a habitable camp for their studies.

Actually, this where the movie gets fun!

via Animals Heavyweights With Unexpected Skills – Full Documentary.