Glenn Canady

Doctors Caught Hiding Simple Ebola Cure From 20 Years Ago!

You’re going to be shocked when you hear the simple cure that cured 88% of the people they tested it on about 30 years ago!  Doctors in Africa were desperate to find anything that would work so they discussed taking blood from people that recovered from Ebola and transfuse it to people dying of Ebola.  They made sure to match the blood and went ahead and tried their cure when they had the permission form the patients!   All the American doctors there told them not to do it and it wouldn’t work but they did it anyway!  They ended up curing 8 of 9 people or 88% using their treatment.   Even after the success, the American doctors did everything they could to say it didn’t work!

Read on and watch the video’s:

via Doctors Caught Red Handed Hiding Simple Ebola Cure From 20 Years Ago! | Pakalert Press.