The point is, millions and millions of people can die without a germ as the cause.

And they do.

Of course, the medical cartel would like us to remain ignorant of that fact. Trillions of dollars and the entire basis of disease research are at stake.

The mantra? Find the germ, fear the germ, develop drugs and vaccines for the germ.

Am I saying that every Ebola patient is really suffering from Scurvy? Of course not. This article isn’t about Scurvy.

It’s about governments, medical forces, and media collaborating to foist a hoax and a con on the world: the germ, the germ, the germ.

The majority of people who die on planet Earth in 2014 are dying from starvation, malnutrition, contaminated water, lack of basic sanitation, overcrowding, poverty, war—and the idea that medical drugs and vaccines will stem that tide is absurd and insane.

Would you give a starving person drugs instead of food?

Would you pump him full of antibiotics, which destroy all bacteria in the gut, thereby reducing his ability to absorb what little food he can find?

Would you inject him with vaccines that contain germs and toxic chemicals, pushing his immune system, which is already on the edge of failing, over the cliff?

via Ebola: 100 people from Beverly Hills starving in a rat-infested apartment « Jon Rappoport’s Blog.