“If You Throw Up, You’ll Feel Better”


Alexandra Bruce

August 27, 2014

This is the first 15 minutes of a show, which was aired on REN-TV in Russia and neighboring countries and seen by 21 million people. The program reveals the imminent defeat of the New World Order, in this stunning expose’ with Ben Fulford and David Wilcock.

You can see the full show here: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/page/26636.html

This nearly three-hour documentary revealed how 26 underground bases were mysteriously destroyed between August 22, 2011 and January 2012 — and explores who may have done it.

Never before has a major television series so thoroughly revealed the international alliance that has formed to encircle and defeat the Cabal.

Non-Russian-speaking audiences will have to watch it, with subtitles. On the bottom right of the video frame, click on the CC icon for “Closed Captioning,” which also offers the service to translate what is being said into 60 or more languages, including English.

Neil Keenan’s epic multi-billion-dollar lawsuit against the United Nations and other Cabal entities is discussed, aswell as Fulford’s own efforts to organize resistance efforts.

Learn how the Federal Reserve deliberately created World War I and II to seize the world’s gold — and create a limitless supply of “bubble money” that could be printed out of thin air.

The documentary ultimately stops short of naming BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India,

China and South Africa — as the public face of this new alliance against the Federal Reserve. This alliance apparently now encompasses a majority of all countries in the world.

The staff of REN-TV told us this show was wildly popular, reaching a stunning 21M viewers. It is fast-paced and has an intense, dramatic musical score with lots of visuals.

You may want to laugh or think this is all “crazy” — but it was taken seriously enough

to be developed into a major, prime-time special on a top Russian network.

As David has often said, “If you throw up, you’ll feel better.” It’s an apt analogy for what we all must learn in order to heal our planet. Without awareness, there can be no resolution.

via End of the World Ben Fulford and David Wilcock on Russian TV: NWO Cabal Defeat is Looming.