Is Serena Williams the Man Who

Stole Womens’ Tennis?


Alexandra Bruce

September 15, 2014

This is a homemade and lengthy – but very interesting – piece about the renowned superstar Williams sisters, World-Famous tennis champions, who have won every title several times over, with Serena single-handedly having racked up over $60,000,000 in winnings (NOT $50M as claimed in this clip), more than any other female tennis player in history.

This clip was was made by the same married couple who made a viral video about Michelle Obama being a transgender female, which was cited by Joan Rivers on tape, in a shout heard round the world – and whose unexpected recent death has left many a conspiratologist quite certain her death was the result of foul play.

Despite Rivers’ advanced age, she was in excellent physical shape, if there are any of those who witnessed the full original video, as she bounded up the backstage staircase, somewhere on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan, where her deadly words were carelessly uttered.

To me, her death is undeniably suspicious. Having, myself been caring for my recently-deceased 78-year-old father, who I had to wheel around with an oxygen tank, over the past 15 months and then to watch 81-year-old Rivers charge up the backstage stairs, like a gazelle…Mmmhmm.

At the top of the staircase, she even blew off her previous statements, about the Obama’s rumored preferences in her energetic, manic, classic style, saying: “It doesn’t matter!”

I guess it didn’t matter ENOUGH. She unquestionably died under suspicious circumstances. People keep on insisting on citing her age, when she was clearly in great physical shape. She was having a procedure that singers in the 20s get!

This is where career conspiratologists, like Alex Jones and his longtime writing

partner, Paul Joseph Watson get to earn their Bitcoins of “protection” currency, by issuing immediate, CNN-style denials of any wrong-doing, before the facts had fully emerged. Bin Laden style!

Read on and watch the video:

via Fraud Irrefutable Proof that the Williams Sisters are Male.