I got involved in this film and put in
1/3 of my life savings to ensure its
completion because I saw a film that
had the possibility of speaking to
everyone on Earth.

10% of the funds that I put in were
obtained from donations made by my
subscribers, so I want to thank
everyone who’s supported my site for
making this film possible, as well.

I love this film because the message
is as profound as it is simple. It is as
timely as it is timeless – and best of all,
it is completely inclusive and it applies
to each and every one of us.

If you are an Earthling, this film has
something for YOU.

By clicking on the hyperlink or the
, below, you will be redirected to
the site from which the film is streaming.
A brief trailer will run before you’re
given the option to rent the film for 72
hours or to own the digital download.

Video (74 mins):


The Grounded 2 WATCH NOW $ 9.99.