Whom the West Supports in Ukraine

“People of Ukraine, know: Moscow, Poland,  Hungarians, Jews are your enemies. Kill them!” -Stepan Bandera, former leader of Ukrainian nationalists and hero of the Ukrainian nationalists of today

I hesitated for quite a long time before publishing this article, and when you read it- you will understand why. But then I thought: what the hell, people in America and in other Western countries must know who those people their politicians and media call “freedom fighters” and

invite people to support and welcome to the European family, are.

“Right Sector” openly declares that they support and embrace the ideas of Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich; so they are “banderovtzy,” the word used in the East and South of Ukraine as a grave insult. And with good reason! What banderovtzy were doing to Ukrainians, Polish, Russians and Jews can be quite rightfully compared to the crimes done by Nazis, and quite often surpass them.

Warning: Extremely graphic photos below. They are disturbing but necessary in order to understand the current situation with “Right Sector” and whom the West supports in Ukraine today.

via Whom the West Supports in Ukraine.