Nothing We Don’t Know But Well Articulated


Alexandra Bruce

September 17, 2014

This is a mash-up by Russia Today of several documentaries and reports which have delved into the pervasive problem of vote-rigging in the United States of America, through the use of digital voting machines, which can very easily be programmed to skew the vote 49-51 in the direction of whoever’s paying, which is most likely (based on court cases which investigated this fraud but whose decisions were powerless to enforce and overturn the “official” results of what took place in the States of Florida and Ohio, during the re-election campaign of Dubya of 2004.

In hindsight and certainly *at* the time, for that matter, I don’t think a John Kerry Presidency would have been better for America than a second Bush term – but the level of cynicism and despair encoded in this statement, should hopefully resound in the hearts and minds of a people whose governance is in serious trouble, as we speak.

The losing fellow Bonesman, Kerry quietly slunk away, despite large evidence of fraud in an election in which the evidence shows that he won. But he was never really running against George W. Bush, as we can see today, as he implements the exact same kind of warmongering foreign policy that his rival pursued – only taking it to the next level…

Watch the video (27 min.)

via Conspiracy American Democracy: Murder Spies and Voting Lies.