This video, made by an Evangelist
movement in Switzerland called
the Organic Church of Christ (OCG),
led by the controversial Pastor Ivo
Sasek, describes the current
geopolitical situation and the
inevitability of World War III,
being stirred-up by the
“Warmongering Americans,” who
he describes as “financially steered
by foreigners seeking world

It’s both exotic and yet familiar, to
see these American Evangelical mega
church stylings, juxtaposed with his
jarring and riveting message (in Swiss
German), which is essentially an
explanation of current events in
Ukraine and the policies of the former
US National Security Adviser and
Obama-controller, Zbigniew Brzezinski,
as if lifted from the latter’s 1998 book,
‘The Grand Chessboard: American
Primacy and Its Geostrategic
Imperatives,’ which he wrote for his
Columbia University Political Science

Pastor Sasek continues his warning
of the inevitability of War War III,
unless the people wake up and refuse
to be mind controlled by the mass
media, citing the following pattern in
all past wars:

“Why we know World War Three is
just around the corner:

1. Because the externally, financially-
controlled US Government wants it.

2. Because the United States are
bankrupt, they’re economically-
depressed and they are the most
indebted country on Earth.

3. Because the new BRICS banking
system seals the final downfall of Wall
Street and Pentagon Capitalism.

4. Because the US Government has
always re-structured its national
bankruptcy through external wars.

5. Because the bond-slaves of Wall
Street, sitting in the White House
desire undivided world dominion.

6. Because the mainstream Media,
who are allies of the US intrigues,
spread their war lies, worldwide, and
thus systematically instigate a
readiness for war in all peoples.

7. Because this results in making the
people zombie-like, through believing
the media.”

(Turn off the TV!!!)

WARNING: Contains graphic scenes of
human carnage occurring now in Ukraine. *********************************


Videos Total: (under 21 mins)


Geopolitics Clarity In the Court of Hell – Part 1.