The Stupid US Sanctions Against Russia
Will Cause 90% of the World to Abandon
the Dollar

Alexandra Bruce
August 29, 2014

Here’s Greg Hunter report on

“The so-called ‘recovery’ the mainstream media has been harping on for years is a lie, according to the Editor of The Hat Trick Letter, Jim Willie. He proclaims, ‘I believe the US has gone into a recession that it is not going to get out of until the dollar is gone. When you factor inflation in properly…we’ve got a monster recession of -6% or -7% right now. I don’t think it will get better until the dollar is disposed of. So, we’re entering the final phase of the dollar.’

“In closing, Willie says, ‘You want to get rid of political obstacles? Go straight to commerce and trade. Why is it that Exxon Mobil is still doing projects in the Arctic and still doing projects in the Black Sea, which is Crimea, with the Russians and their energy companies? We already got the US energy companies defying our own sanctions, and yet we are prosecuting French banks for doing the same thing. This is insane. We are losing control.'”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Willie, Editor of The Hat Trick Letter, which can be found on

via Neocon-NWO-WW3 Jim Willie: Germany Secretly Planning on Joining BRICS.