The Biggest Hindrance Toward

Human Sovereignty is the Degree to

which the Populace of the First World

Has Come to Believe that

“Resistence is Futile”


Alexandra Bruce

August 5, 2014

We have become used to seeing the tireless James Corbett interview hundreds of others about geopolitics and the like. This is a rare opportunity, where we get to see him be the subject of the interview.

In this edition of The Anarchast with host Jeff Berwick, a Canadian entrepreneur, writer, and libertarian and anarcho-capitalist activist interviews James Corbett in Japan from Berwick’s perch in Acapulco, Mexico in October 2013.

The interview begins with how it is, that Corbett became to be the Anarchist, Alternative Media powerhouse that he has become.

It turns out that Corbett has not been absorbed with realpolitik and parapolitics, his whole life (as have I, for example).

For Corbett, it began when he started, when began looking into the truth about 9/11. He then went on to understand the cartel that is the Central Bank. It was then a easy for him to transition into seeing that government is an unnecessary organization.

Due to the rise of the Internet, the mainstream narrative is becoming harder and harder for The Powers that Be to get away with their propaganda.

A good example of this, is seen in the case of Syria, where the Obama Administration’s calls for War were not accepted by the American public and were overwhelmingly shot down by British Parliament. False flags are having a harder time gaining mass

acceptance to a degree, anywhere close to the way they have been, in the recent past.

The interview goes into the greatest hindrance toward human sovereignty is a result of how much of the First World population has been brainwashed to believe that “Resistence is Futile” and that there is nothing that they can do to change the status quo, due to Learned Helplessness:

via Patriot Act & NDAA The Alternative Media Revolution.