The science behind food addictions

Why we get hooked on sugar and dairy products…

What they do to our bodies…

And how to heal your diet, your body, and your life.

Dr. Neal Barnard talks about the addictive nature of sugar and dairy, and discusses the food additions science. Don’t blame willpower. Chocolate, meat, cheese and sugar release substances similar to opiates.

Bad news/good news.

The bad news…

Corporate food merchants spend

billions studying our body’s reactions

to various chemicals to trick us into

eating their garbage and liking it.

The great news…

No matter how long we’ve been

brainwashed to eat junk, we can put

ourselves back on the right track and

re-wire our taste buds in just a few


 After that, food that’s good for you tastes great – and chemicalized corporate junk tastes like what it really is.

 Video (40:13):

The science of healthy eating How the body is tricked into eating junk.